Must Know Facts About Backups

Below are some must-know characterstics of the ever growing field of backup engineering.

  • Keep in mind that correlation is not causation. Even though the equipment or a software solution has been working reliably, it doesn’t mean it will keep working forever and that there isn’t an outside influence that may affect it. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.
  • PCs and servers have become so complex they resemble “living organisms”. As more services run in the background on shared resources, nothing really remains constant and it’s difficult to test and narrow things down conclusively.
  • Digital technology, especially storage components, is fragile and subject to wear and tear.
  • The best defense against malicious software is isolated data backup.
  • Common marketing fluff misleads business owners to think data protection can be automated to the point where you ‘set it and forget it’. However, protecting your digital assets requires at least some labor, investment, oversight, and occasional testing of worse case scenarios.
  • Would you outsource your checkbook? Data backups are technical, but even if you feel that’s better handled by someone else, certain competences are best handled in-house, especially since data loss would be fatal or at least very costly to most businesses today. Most business owners probably prefer a lost checkbook over a total data loss.
  • Just as everything in life, every strategy and technology has pros and cons. Conflicts of interest also exist nearly everywhere.
  • In order to find out what kind of data backup system you need, you will first want to uncover how your company produces and handles data and what equipment you have. This guide contains various data backup strategies that may work well for your company. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance and have questions.
  • This guide contains evergreen information on how to protect your business from losing its digital assets. You will find tips and tricks as well as a list of best practices that apply to all backup systems, no matter which backup system you end up using.
  • We are always open to questions and suggestions! Email us at or call 1-800-906-5150 to simple and cost-effective ways to protect your business data.

Backup Software that Does What You Want

Another important thing to know about backup software, especially server backup software, is that many vendors use ‘vendor lock-in’ techniques to make it specifically difficult to access your own data without using the software they provide. At BackupChain, however, we see things differently. We want to provide all IT administrators as well as business owners with empowering tools to take control of their backup data, for example, by allowing easy and direct access to backup folders and using open standard backup file formats where possible.

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